Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bas Kosters SS 2013 AFW

Yesterdays show from Bas Kosters was amazing, it opened with an interview by Margreeth Dolman and designer Bas Kosters. 

This year Bas inspiration is translated into a theme that highlights all aspects of love: "Love is a very limited and very broad concept simultaneously.
It is in many different contexts, but it remains always the same meaning. It's about passion, kinship and commitment. "At the word 'Love' is the phrase" Fuck Yeah" The collection is both sweet and the other rebellious with raw edges, it remind me of the spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada,thats why i love Bas Kosters Collection "LOVE" The fun-to-wear collection contains a wide variety of self-developed prints in which sexuality and influences from 80s sportswear predominate. The Collaboration between Bas Kosters and Esther de Groot for this collection is on of the best for me ,the end results a series of handmade masks The show was closed by the spectacular rise of the bride and Bass 'love' with a specially developed collection of cake, all the guests could enjoy of piece of cake after the show. More information about Bas Kosters

By Monica of By Styling Amsterdam

Photo Credit: Richard van Herwaarden