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Tuesday, 15 September 2015 20:30

Lily Stone Watches From Hippie Chic Online

As I have numerous family, friends and Godchildren, I have already started my Christmas shopping. I do not want to be one those people who has to run around panicking, buying what ever gifts are left in the shops on Christmas Eve. In my search for unique presents I came across Hippie Chic while looking online. They sell clothes, jewellery and accessories.

Hippie Chic gets their inspiration for the items they make from the world that we live in. This could be fashion, nature, art or life. They strive to give you something that you have not seen before, something very special. When I was looking through the all the products that they had online I came across a Lily Stone watch which had a tan leather strap that I thought would be the perfect gift for a friend. The watches face told the time using Roman numerals and was gold in colour, I instantly fell in love with it. At only 35 pounds it was a steal.

I also spotted a Boho watch and bracelet set that I know my Mother would love and was an equally good price at 22 pounds. If your family and friends are not watch people (I know a few people who are sick of people asking them the time) then you should check out their selection of earrings. When you have looked at the Braye-metallic half moon tribal earrings, the Chari-matte gold plated arrowhead pendant earrings or the Cuanza- blue and matte gold beaded diamond earrings, I am sure that you will end up getting a few Christmas presents out of the way like I did or even end up treating yourself.

hippi chic

By Hayley Sweeney

Sunday, 13 September 2015 21:27

FOY - Fountain Of Youth

Fountain of Youth: Restoring, Repairing and Rejuvenating.

Foy main
FOY rejuvenating Night Cream, Moisturising Day Cream and Eye Contour Gel and Anti Cellulite Gel. Four beautifully packaged products, great consistency.

Moisturising Day Cream

FOY is designed for mature aging skin, basically anyone over the age of 25 but for me the day cream was not rich enough. My skin absorbs quickly and I felt that I needed to keep reapplying in order for my skin to feel fully moisturized.

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Rejuvenating Night Cream

I liked the rejuvenating night cream as it was richer and left my skin feeling great all night long.

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Anti-Cellulite Gel

I decided to give the gel to a friend who has cellulite to test out and see if it made any difference on her skin. She tried it for a few weeks and said the smell was great, the texture was amazing. When applied the gel created a tingling sensation. No visible improvement was noticed after two weeks of usage. Everyone’s skin reacts differently so this does not mean the product did not work but maybeon her skin type it needed to be used for a little longer to see any results.


Eye Contour Gel

My FOY top pick has to be the Eye Contour Gel. As a sufferer of dark, itchy, tired eyes I am always looking for the perfect gels to moisturise the eye area and this was perfect! Out of all the products this is the one I would definitely invest in.

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Find out more about FOY and the other products in the range here:

Reviewed by Deborah St. Louis Fashions Finest CEO

Friday, 11 September 2015 22:23

Looking good doesn't have to be expensive

Fashion designers are very much business people who are keenly aware that their target audience have differing tastes and budgets.

Wednesday, 09 September 2015 11:43


THE LONDON FASHION WEEK OPENING PARTY at MODE Nightclub (formerly Subterrania and Supper Club).

Monday, 07 September 2015 10:29

Yana In Style

Yana is the first tribal jewelry and one of the most renowned designer of Arunachal Pradesh ,India. Her designs have made a benchmark in the fashion industry of India today. Her feather and tribal earrings became a rage in North Indian when she showcased her collection in North East Fashion Fest runway show. She is also known for her crazy head gears all over!

Yana did her first show when she was in her eleventh standard. She is a self- taught designer and her affair with designing began at the age of 12. As she belongs to one of the tribal community and grew up seeing her mother making her own ornaments and loin looms , her affair with designing began at the age of 12. Attributed to her childhood and community, Music, art, photographs and the festival of North East India have always inspired Yana to get into innovative designing. This is typically reflected in her work. She believes she has a karmic connection with tribal designing and artwork.

Her Label “Yana In Style”- As the tribal world is full of vigor, festivity, boldness and wilderness, so is her creation!

Yana In Stlye is the pure reflection of sensual silhouettes, Boho and tribal inspired flowing fabrics. Her line of cloths and accessories are for the woman who love vibrant hue, free spirited and are wild yet wonderful. She uses homespun fabrics like Moonga and Eri and accessories which are eco friendly.

Artmanship and Philanthropy- Yana In style intricate process is signature to the brand, creating every product individually by hand makes each design a timeless work of art. Every cloth and accessory is proficiently made with quality fabric, hand tooling, silver coins, brass and limited edition textiles sourced locally in Arunanchal Pradesh, India.

For her show at Fashions Finest London Fashion Week, she is working Nabam Aka, who is one of the most revered weaver of India and has employed many local artisans .

Sunday, 23 August 2015 22:49

Victor Wong

Born and raised in the west of the culturally diverse Hunan Province in China, Victor Wong has always been interested in different cultures. Apart from exploring his home country, Victor has also travelled the world to various cities such as Lanzhou, Shanghai, Rome, Barcelona, all of which provided inspiration for his art. Victor now lives in London where he created his own Brand, VICTOR WONG, and he is now one of the most aspiring young designers in London's fashion industry.

VICTOR WONG’s flagship products are its sunglasses. Known for the shiny metals, sharp edges, and eccentric designs, these sunglasses reflect Victor’s thirst to raise the bar when it comes to fashion as well as the wealth of knowledge, inspiration and experience that he has accumulated over the years.

In designing the sunglasses, Victor combines the modesty of the east with the boldness of the west. Being heavily influenced by the handicrafts made by the artists from his hometown in western Hunan, Victor insists on hand making his sunglasses too. Victor’s designs are a breath of fresh air in the fashion industry. His love for art and pursuit of innovation are evident across his work.

Being a successful young Chinese man in London, Victor is always grateful to his friends from the fashion and entertainment industry who wear his sunglasses to parties, concerts, and photo shoots. Victor believes that if his business is a phoenix waiting to soar into the sky, his friends are the wings of the phoenix and his family the heart, and he is just the feathers that help the phoenix fly.

Victor has always been enthusiastic about art. As for whether he will expand his business into other sections of the industry, Victor says, “Nobody knows what the future holds, and this is what makes it all the more fascinating.

Sunday, 23 August 2015 21:27

Sebastian London

30 Years ago something changed for a young boy growing up in the forests of Pantanal Brazil.

A young Sebastian had spent most of his early childhood fascinated by the art and creation of dress making at his aunts dress design studio.

Unlike other boys he spent every spare moment learning the craft of professional dress making. This passion and fascination would continue through his teens when he decided to leave Brazil to come to Europe to study Art, design and contemporary dance. For over a decade he made a living from personal commissions for his dresses and tailoring and when time permitted his workshop would be full of canvases of abstract and modern art which allowed for his creativity to go in yet another direction. To describe Sebastian as a creative hub is an understatement, his love and ability to create the most breath taking dresses with incredible detail is a wonder to watch.Now based in London, Sebastian has created the brand Sebastian London, his dresses are all designed and hand crafted here in the great city of London, the United Kingdom.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015 17:30

10 steps to get ready for a summer wedding

Summer is wedding season! It’s time to get out your shoulder-baring dress and flaunt tanned and toned legs. But if you’re feeling less than fabulous after a cold winter, now is the time to start getting ready to shine for those summer events.

Wedding photo

Healthy Diet And Detox

True radiance starts from within, so the first step is to ensure you’re giving your body high quality fuel. Cut out the refined sugar, alcohol and caffeine; have water or a mocktail instead of a cocktail! Fresh fruit and vegetable juice in a refreshing cool drink will leave your eyes bright and your skin glowing. A healthy detox diet focussing on lean meat and leafy green vegetables will help you sleep well and wake refreshed and energised.

Sun Kissed Curves

Tanned summer skin doesn’t have to involve hours under the harsh rays of the sun or a sunbed. A high-quality airbrush tan will give you that gorgeous bronzed glow while ensuring you take care of your skin.

Luscious Lashes

Keep your beautiful eyes looking flawless in those emotional moments with a high quality waterproof mascara. Or even better, invest in getting your eyelashes dyed by a professional beautician. You won’t regret it when the bride walks up the aisle and the tears start flowing!

Flawless Legs

A wedding is an excuse to add the latest fashion to your wardrobe. What better occasion than a glamorous summer event to get out the short skirt and Manolo Blahniks? Don’t let less-than-perfect legs hold you back from wearing what you want and looking your best. Varicose vein procedures these days are quick and low-impact.

Sun In Your Hair

Whether the big event will be set in a garden, a church or another special venue, you’ll want to keep that sunshine shimmer in your hair. Book in a visit to your favourite hairdresser a week before the day to achieve a subtly highlighted look that will turn heads.

Exfoliate For Gorgeous Skin

Exfoliation will buff away the winter chills to reveal your flawless spring skin to the world. Gently stroke your skin with a loofah or body scrub to remove dead cells and get a fresh glow. Don’t forget your neck and décolleté areas, but be gentle, as this skin is more delicate than the skin on your legs and arms.

Erase Cellulite

There are lots of temporary cellulite fixes that can help you look your best in that little black dress. Drinking lots of water is key, as hydration will improve the texture of your skin and help your body release any retained fluid. Replacing the refined sugars in your diet with green vegetables will also help your body reduce dimpling.

Quick-fix Body Toning

Get a head start on summer with a combination of heavy and lighter weight resistance training, flexibility exercises and bodyweight workouts. Focus on the muscles that respond fastest to strength training – the shoulders, arms, lower abs and calves. Beginning even a short routine 6 weeks out from the big event will give you a sleeker, toned body, with inches lost around the middle.

Radiant Skin

Keep your skin fresh and smooth with a refreshing moisturising plan. A high quality and effective deep moisturiser will hydrate and penetrate the skin. Look for one that includes plant and marine active constituents to make your skin glow the natural way.

Finish The Look With A Pedicure

A pair of sweet feet peeking out of your open-toed heels will complete your sexy ensemble. Check out this hot DIY pedicure for a professional look.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015 22:19

Vovwe Omoko's B3 by Ovems collection

Emerging designer Vovwe Omoko presents new pieces aimed at empowering women through fashion.